Dominion Farms LLC raises grass fed/finished beef, pastured pork (we are one of the few producers of all natural pork in the North Texas area) range fed chickens and eggs produced by layers that have access to grass daily. Dominion Farms also provides all natural lamb to its customer base.

Our meat is clean and healthy-no growth hormones or antibiotics-no commercial fertilizers, pesticides or herbicides are used. Pastures are fertilized all naturally by animals and by vegetation.

Our chicken and pork have an all natural diet with a custom mixed grain ration with access to all our natural pastures. Additives, roughage, byproducts or preservatives are never allowed in any of our rations.

Our meat is high in Omega 3 and CLA's which are essential fatty acids. Other nutritional benefits of Dominion Farms meats include higher vitamin and protein content. Our meats are very lean which means they have less calories and are lower in saturated fats.

Our animals are raised in an environment that promotes an abundance of room, plenty of sunshine, and minimal stress.

Since we consider ourselves to be stewards of the land all our practices are designed to improve the soil and allow maximum benefit from the land we oversee.

Restaurants and health food stores also number among Dominion Farms customers. Custom halves and wholes are also available for the customer who wants larger quantities of meat.

How does grass fed differ from grain fed calves?
Grass fed beef is higher in vitamin content, lower in calories, leaner, and higher in certain beneficial essential fatty acids such as Omega 3 and Conjugated Lineolic Acid These have been proven effective in fighting cancerous tendencies and in promoting a healthy heart.

Grain in the diet of ruminant animals (cows were made to eat grass)has an adverse effect on the nutritional value of the meat. Grain in the diet of ruminant animals creates an excess of Omega 6 fatty acids which negates the beneficial aspects of the Omega 3's and CLA's mentioned above.

One note of interest to those that need to distinguish between grass fed and grass finished beef is that all calves are initially grass fed. It is how they are finished that determines the level of nutritional benefit in the meat. Most commercial cows are finished in a feed lot the last 2-6 months before processing. They live in crowded conditions and are fed a grain ration with chemical additives, roughage, byproducts, etc. all designed to maximize weight gain. The Omega 6 levels go up dramatically in turn the Omega 3 levels go down. Cows that are finished on grass will have a much higher nutritional content and be chemically free.

At Dominion Farms our beef is grass fed/finished.